Eating Disorders. An Education and Innovation in Our Thinking.

Eating Disorders



When we think of those with an eating disorder, we consider a teenage female acutely low in weight. Although this image is common, eating disorders span a whole spectrum of ages, sexes, sizes and eating patterns. Some survive on minimal calorie in take, some gorge for hours on end only to purge the calories ingested, whilst others may eat perfectly 'normal' throughout the day only to feast alone at night. is a website set to inform, entertain and support individuals, and those around them, through their eating disorder.

Dr Jenna Burton, a medical doctor from the UK, experienced intimately anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa both as a sufferer and as a treating physician. Dissappointed at the level of understanding of those surrounding her and amognst her medical colleagues, she set to educate and share her experiences. This website is her first child of information and, hopefully, innovation in the treatment of this disorder. 







Battling with bulimia? Read other people's experiences using the links at the top of this page. Also check out 'Helpful Links' for further information and support in 'Contact Us.'

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