Creative Eating

Creativity can be an incredible outlet for emotion stored up inside us.


To use the analagoly of a kidney:


If our kidneys stopped functioning, we would become ill. We would be unable to rid ourselves of all the 'rubbish' stored up in our bodies.


Our ability to manage our emotions is similar to the analogy of the kidney. If we do not rid ourselves of the anger, hurt and feelings inside - generally all the bad/rubbish things that we rather did not exist - they build up inside of us. This again, leads to ill health and, if untreated, potentially even death.


Our physical and psyiological health are intimately linked, hence diagnoses such as chronic fatigue syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia...anorexia.


Poetry has worked for many as a way of exploring the painful feelings inside of them. Thinking about how we feel is often emphasised when words are put down on to a piece of paper and reflected back for us to read. Do not worry if words do not rhyme or a sentance is not quite 'right.' This exercise is about 'letting go' and discovering what is really inside, not about the use of perfect english.


Our poems are listed here. Please feel free to contact us and share your pieces too. 

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