(A poem created and recited to try and stop myself from bingeing and vomiting.)


Think of your eyes all blood shot,

And think of the burn in your throat.

Think of your nails tearing away,

And remember all this that you wrote.


Think of your nose tomorrow,

Painful and scabbed up with blood.

Think of the fat storing away,

Around your arms, your legs and your gut.


Think of the failure that will taunt you,

Think of the sadness that will hit.

Think of your friends and your family,

And all of their guilt that will sit.


As living forever is not possible,

Living the way that you are,

Unfortunately 'death has become her,'

Is leering away not afar.


So get up and go to the gym,

Do all that will make you feel 'tasty.'

Don't continue to seek shallow comforts,

By acting in antics so hasty.


So stop. Slow down. And just think,

Do you really need that one bite?

Because my dear you know where it heads,

No matter how hard you later will fight.


One bite, then two then another,

Moving at a pace oh so fast.

Just stop, put it down,

Let's put all this back in to our past.


So off you go, go out,

And relax on in to your day.

Living a life nice and 'normal,'

Not acting in this peculiar way.


By Jenna Burton

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