Toast  (Bulimia)

Toast is the hug I have been waiting for,
Comforting after my day,
Wrapping its warm arms around me,
I love you is what it`s trying to say.

Toast is the holiday I have needed,
Taking me away from right now,
Giving me a break from reality,
Forgetting life`s woes, what`s and if how`s.

Toast is the Mum to protect me,
Loving despite all I do,
Cooking, cleaning and just infallable,
Mum`s are one of a precious few.

Toast is the father I am missing,
Daddy`s safety is all that I crave,
Returning home with his briefcase,
Stern knowing words when I may misbehave.

Toast is the companion I need in my brother,
A friend without rivalry or distaste,
Laughing at each others jokes,
Sharing features across both of our face.

Toast is the husband I have dreamt of,
Singing bringing breakfast in bed,
Sitting massaging my feet,
And kissing the top of my head.

Toast is the comfort I have been seeking,
Filling this void deep inside,
Ridding this feeling of `just empty`
Yet also stripping me away of my pride.

Because toast is just me just with longing,
A suture to heal all my pain,
Giving a taste of love and protection,
A feeling that later, I will only just drain...


By Jenna Burton

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