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Resources for doctors, patients and families to learn more about how eating disorders can affect both our physical and emotional well being.


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Presently NICE (National Institute of Clinical Excellence UK) have produced guidelines for physicans to follow for managing those with eating disorders. These focus largely on 


1) CBT / psychotherapy

2) Medication, if appropriate

3) Weight Gain Goals (in Anorexia)

4) Dietican Considerations

5) Refeeding Syndromes

6) Managing Electrolyte Imbalance feels emphasis should also be put on management of the chronic consequences of long term eating disorders as so many patients do not seek treatment until many years after developing symptoms. Information and advise regarding this can be found in the links 'Managing the Patient Head to Toe', 'Chronic Eating' and 'Doctor's Checklist'.


NICE Guidelines for Identification and Management of Eating Disorders
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