Final Word

In today's society, more and more we have to learn to control our emotions so they 'fit' the situation that we are in. We can not break down crying during our morning work duties or fly off in to a tantrum of temper when selecting our groceries at ASDA.


Instead, we box emotions up practically and carry on with our lives. We have learnt how to become practical beings rather than emotional ones. Or at least we try to. Most people have storage centre of feelings waiting to escape. Hidden and beneath the surface until a later date when they no longer suppress how they are feeling.


Our emotions do not work comfortably in this way. They can not easily be moulded to fit our modern day lifestyles.


This coupled with increased stress, lack of time for personal well being and a desire to run escape.


Food so readily can be come the answer.


Food can be used as a means of escape. Anorexia allows us to disappear. Binge eating allows us to reach a physiological high.


Only it comes at a cost.


We lose friends, relationships and our emotional and physical health. We lose our lives. A little bit of short term chaos to deal with how we are feeling at that particular time,  prevents long term break down. Breakdown of those around us and breakdown of our internal and external self.


I hope we all learn, in our own time, to choose life. To choose a little chaos now again. To choose times when we throw that 'teenage strop' to the times we cry when we have just put on our mascara. I hope we realise having friends and deep relationships is more meaningful and fulfilling than having everything 'just under control.' We are not computers and we do not switch on and off as we would like.


We just can not be perfect. But we can be happy.




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